If you have a question, an update, or need help, please let us know.  Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person.  Thank you!

Brothertown Office - BrothertownOffice@BrothertownIndians.org
Bingo or Grant Questions - DMKraintz@BrothertownIndians.org

Council Contact info:

Jeremy Marx -  BrothertownChair@BrothertownIndians.org
Bob Fowler -  BrothertownViceChair@BrothertownIndians.org
Michelle Wood -  BrothertownTreas@BrothertownIndians.org
David Hankwitz -BrothertownSec@BrothertownIndians.org
Skip Blanc - Sblanc@BrothertownIndians.org
Jessica Ryan - JLRyan@BrothertownIndians.org
Linda Shady - LShady@BrothertownIndians.org
Roger Straw - RStraw@BrothertownIndians.org
Mike Sykes - MSykes@BrothertownIndians.org

The BIN Community Center is located at 311 Winnebago Drive in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. No mail is accepted at that location.  Please forward all mail to the Post Office Box below.

Telephone:  (920) 929-9964  Fax:  (920) 929-9965

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