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Brothertown Cemetery Volunteer Trip

1/30/18 (Tue)

Save the Date! “Old” Brothertown Cemetery Volunteer Trip
The Brothertown cemeteries on our original homelands in “Old Brothertown” New York need annual maintenance. In addition to overgrowth and the accumulation of trash, normal yearly rainfall causes dirt to run over onto the slabs where grass and weeds quickly begin to grow. Without yearly maintenance, the graves of our ancestors not only fall into ruin and decay but run the risk of being lost to us forever. There are no longer any Brothertown living in the area but, thankfully, over the years, the good people there in New York have tended and cared for several of these cemeteries.
Since 2015, cleanup trips have been organized annually by Brothertown volunteers. However, attendance has not always been ideal. These are our ancestors and our responsibility. If you hail from the Occom, Fowler, Sampson, Potter, Dick, Coyhis, Niles, Johnson, Hammer, Waumpy, Skeesick or any number of other Brothertown famiiies, you almost certainly have ancestors buried there. Please consider donating one weekend every year, or even every few years, to go to New York and fulfill your duties to those who have walked ahead.
The cleanup itself generally only takes part of one day to complete so that the rest of the weekend can be spent sightseeing, researching Brothertown documents at nearby Hamilton College, visiting the local Historical Society and/or getting to know other Tribal family members better. Our next trip is set for the weekend of June 2, 2018. Please make plans now to attend. To receive trip updates, be put on a yearly notification list, or to learn about carpooling opportunities, please contact Megan at or Amy at