Be HEARD--Complete the Brothertown Census and Needs Assessment Survey!

Last year, the Brothertown applied for and received a multi-year grant from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) for the Brothertown Indian Nation Information, Infrastructure, and Technology Upgrade Program or BIITUP.

In year one, the Brothertown grant team implemented the systems and processes necessary for accurately identifying members, tracking member information, needs, and services, and ensuring privacy for all member information collected.

In year two, the team is rolling out the initial Census and Needs Survey—April through July 2016.  The Survey will help us, as a tribe, to better understand and serve tribal member needs, and to define, as a tribe, what we want to do--and how. 

Your involvement—every member’s involvement— in the Census and Needs Survey is critical.  

Here’s what you need to know and do.

  1. Complete the Survey by OCTOBER 15, 2016!!
  1. The Brothertown head of household should complete the Survey for him/herself and for any minors (those under the age of 18 as of July 31, 2016).
  2. All members 18 years or older as of July 31, 2016, should complete the Census and Needs survey for themselves.
  1. Your Brothertown enrollment number is required for the Survey.  If you don’t know your enrollment number, email Dawn Kraintz at  Please also contact Dawn if you have any questions about the survey. 
  1. Click here to access the Survey (Or go to


 The tour of the Niagara Escarpment "Ledge" is back!!  Scheduled Date:  Sunday, May 22, 2016  Questions?  Email Cheri Welch at  

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Brothertown Awareness Alert

  The cemetery stone wall, seen at right in a close-up from August 2012, is increasingly unstable.  Discussions with the township in which the cemetery is located have begun, but ensuring the stability and long-term viability of the original stone walls to help protect Brothertown remains is a high priority.  Contact here for more information.