Our parent tribes are Algonquian, and all spoke an Algonquian variant. Understanding was possible across the tribes, especially among the Pequot and Mohegan.  However, when the members of the six tribes came together as Brothertown, English was chosen. This was not surprising as many members across all of our parent tribes already spoke English.

Nonetheless, members of the Brothertown tribe have attempted to sustain the language of our ancestors and our parent tribes. Mohegan was the language that was sustained the longest by our parent tribes.  It is also the language chosen by the Brothertown for study. 

Grammar, vocabulary, and study aids are readily available.  Check with Brothertown office for more information on these materials.  A quick look at some common phrases, created by Stephanie Fielding, linguist and member of the Mohegan Tribe and the Mohegan Tribal Councile of Elders, can also be found here.  Ms. Fielding also published A Modern Mohegan Dictionary and created the online Mohegan Language Project.