Support the Tribe 

As we continue feeling the impact of COVID-19's impact on our health, our community, and our operations, your support is needed now more than ever. Please consider supporting the Tribe! Your support ensures our facilities remain open, including our museum and community center. Because we cannot currently hold bingo or other events, generating revenue is difficult at this time. If you'd like to donate to the Tribe, you may do so here.
Brothertown Indian Nation's Recognition Efforts Highlighted in News
Our recognition efforts were recently highlighted in the Green Bay Press Gazette. You can view the story here.
Governor Evers Issues Brothertown Day Proclamation
With Brothertown/Eeyamquittoowauconnuck Day coming up on November 7th to mark the founding of Brothertown, Wisconsin Governor Evers issued a proclamation marking the Tribal holiday. You can view it here.
Volunteers Needed!
We are in need of volunteers to serve on our Elections Committee! Please contact Seth Elsen if interested.
Council Passes Proclamation for Observance of Samson Occom Day
At its June meeting, Council passed a proclamation for the observation of Samson Occom Day. You may view the resolution here
Request Access to Join Council Meetings!
Council meetings will be accessible via ZOOM video conferencing. You may request access at this link. Once your membership is verified, you'll receive further instructions.

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