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It takes a Tribe and then some to staff the Brothertown office, Bingo operations, and craft store, and to support the Brothertown museum (still in its infancy), newsletter distribution, and other community communications and events.  We always need more help.  This also includes ad hoc help, like ride shares for meetings, picnics, and Homecoming, and grant writers, on an as-needed basis.

Times are tough–but not as tough as they were for our ancestors. The volunteer work we do for the tribe will help our people, honor those who came before us, and can expand your résumé.  Please e-mail or call the office  if you can assist with any of the work below.  If you want to volunteer in any other area or have expertise you want to share, just let the Brothertown Office know. 

Request ID cards here…

Location of The Brothertown Offices in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Working on Brothertown Genealogy in the 1980s