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The Brothertown Indians, from our first generations through today, include a wonderful mix of teachers, ministers, doctors, writers, farmers, lawyers, artisans, business owners, musicians, proprietors, builders, civil servants, and more.  

Our people have the illustrious honor of being the very first in many areas of Native American Indian progress:  

The Brothertown were involved with early Wisconsin State and Territory governments.  The three Brothertown Indians listed below were the first, and only non-white members of the Wisconsin legislature until 1908:

  • William Fowler served during the 1845 session of the Wisconsin Territorial Assembly (the precursor to the Wisconsin State Legislature). This made him the first Native American to serve at the legislative/assembly level in the State of Wisconsin. He also served as Treasurer for Calumet County in 1856.
  • Alonzo David Dick represented Manchester and Calumet County in the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1848
  • William H. Dick  was elected twice, almost 20 years apart (1851 and 1870), and elected Calumet County Treasurer in 1848

Our people have served honorably in every US War in American history (please see the Brothertown Veterans page) and continue to do so.  

The links below take you to family trees for several early generations of many of our Brothertown families along with brief biographies of some notable members.  While not an exhaustive list, our founding families included:

Brothertown Lineage, Stories and Genealogy

**NEW Article…….Randall Abner – Brothertown lineage from New York, Wisconsin, and continuing on to Kansas and Oklahoma.