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We must continue to stand up and support the Brothertown Indian nation. The Brothertown Nation’s ability to support and lend a helping hand to our family when needed has been the Cornerstone of The Brothertown Indian Nation since its conception over 235 years ago in 1785. 

Remember the stories we all remember; helping to bring in a member’s crops, lumbering and felling trees, and even building a school and meeting house in New York.  We are related by blood, and a close-knit Tribal Family has always been there for one another, through good times and as well as bad. 

In today’s tribe, member volunteerism is alive and well.  Whether it is your time, your efforts, or your treasure – we are there for each other as the Brothertown family. Please help to fill these needs in any way you can.

Our Ancestral land area in Calumet County is of chief concern. However, for our members out of the immediate Fond du Lac area, see if there is another way to support the efforts.

Please contact Dawn here at the Brothertown Tribal office if there are any questions.

Current list of immediate needs and volunteer opportunities…