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Great news on the Brothertown Collection!

Wonderful news for the Brothertown Indian Nation Membership. The Oneida Nation Business Committee approved the transfer of ownership for the Brothertown Collection.

Left to right front row is Oneida Councilman Kirby Metoxen, Oneida Chairman Tehassi Hill, Brothertown Indian Nation Chairman Bob Fowler, Oneida Treasurer Cristina Danforth, Brothertown Indian Nation Tribal Historical Preservation officer Courtney Cottrell Gerzetich, Vice Chairman Brandon Yellowbird-Stevens. In the back from left to right Oneida Councilwoman Marie Summers, Oneida Secretary Lisa Liggins, and Oneida Councilman David Jordan

I was honored to be on the Council when the collection became known to the Tribe. There are so many gratitude’s needed here are just a few:

  • Loretta Metoxen, rest her soul, brought the collection to our attention. She also made the request for the Oneida Nation to purchase the collection.
  • Caroline Andler who spent countless time with Loretta verifying the collection.
  • Richard Hill, former Oneida Chairperson, who graciously reached out to me when Loretta made a request to purchase the collection on behalf of the Brothertown Nation.
  • Courtney Cottrell-Gerzetich, Brothertown Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, who worked hard with the personnel of Oneida Culture Department on the Collection. Dr. Cottrell also began the process of the Oneida Nation returning ownership to the Brothertown. She created the tribe to tribe document for access to the collection and was instrumental in the transfer document that was approved.
  • Oneida Nation Business Committee for all they have done for the Collection.
  • Brothertown Chairperson Bob Fowler, Vice Chairperson Jessica Ryan and the Council for steadfast support throughout the Collections journey back to us.

I know I missed too many people so forgive my oversight. A deep personal thank you to my Oneida relatives and friends.

*Post provided by Craig Cottrell

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