When the Brothertown first came together, it was decided that a form of "town government" would be used to guide the Tribe. However, long-held customs strongly influenced this different approach to governance.  It never looked exactly like "town government," but evolved over many generations and a number of moves by the Tribe, and has continued to evolve.  The four officers and five members of the Council are now elected by the membership at large.

You can email council members by clicking on their names listed below.

Chairman: Robert (Bob) Fowler

Vice Chair: Jessica Ryan

Secretary: Melissa Kavonius

Treasurer: Michelle Wood

Councilmembers: Skip Blanc, Seth Elsen, Erin Farris-Olsen, Austin Hammond, Dawn Kraintz

In addition to their Council responsibilities, officers and members hold leadership and liaison roles in other areas, including cultural and historical preservation, economic development, enrollment, natural resources, operations, government outreach, and strategic planning.

Peacemakers - Greg Wilson, Renee Gralewicz, Steve Bissell, Greg Elsen, and Mike Elsen

Other Contacts:
Courtney Cottrell: Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) and Researcher Liaison
Seth Elsen: Environment and Natural Resources Department
Council Meeting Minutes available here