We are grateful for all of the blessings and send our care to those who are in need of support at this time. Due to Covid-19, our Community Center closed in March 2020 and has yet to reopen. As a result of the closure, we have significantly depleted our general operating resources this year.  We are still hoping to survive this pandemic by drawing only a minimal amount of our reserve funds.  In order to maintain our financial health, we have established a Finance and Fundraising Committee. However, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Here are some ways that you can support the Nation at this time.

Learn about & Contribute to the Brothertown Indian Nation Legacy Fund

Participate in the Spring Auction. We are excited to launch another Brothertown Auction in Spring 2021. We hope you can plan to participate through the Brothertown Indian Nation Auction Facebook Page.

Shop our Craft Store items on Facebook.  

This is a great way to stock up on Brothertown goodies that will help us feel more together even while we are apart. You peruse the inventory on either the these pages:

Brothertown Indian Nation Group

Brothertown Indian Nation Facebook Page

Inquiries about purchasing can be made to


Donations can be made via Paypal or by mail. Your donation will support efforts to sustain our Nation. 

You Can Donate by Pay Pal

Or Donate by Check:

C/O Michelle Wood, Treasurer

Brothertown Indian Nation

PO Box 2206

Fond du Lac, WI 54935

All checks should be made out to “Brothertown Indian Nation.”

If you or your family does not have means to donate at this time, please help us get this message around by circulating our need for funds through email messages and social media. We are grateful to the Creator and our dedicated membership for sustaining our Nation for many years.  

Tâput Ni  (Thank you) for your continued support.

If you have additional questions, suggestions, or an interest in putting your connections and skills to work for the Nation’s Finance & Fundraising Committee please reach out to the Committee Chair, Erin Farris-Olsen (406) 461-8530,