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Happy Samson Occom Day!- 2024

This event has ended

We want to wish every member of the Brothertown Indian Nation a healthy and joyful day of remembrance for our most famous founder (one of several who were instrumental in our founding). On this day we want to offer many interesting links in honor of Samson Occom and the Brothertown tribe. This is just a small sample of what is available on the Brothertown website.

Samson Occom 1723- July 14, 1792 in Stockbridge, NY

Please take a moment today and through the weekend to become engaged and involved again in learning about our heritage. Reflect on our Tribal beginnings and the centuries of sacrifice made by our Brothertown ancestors to get us to July 14, 2023. The links below are presented in honor of both Samson Occom and our tribal history:

Items to read, download, and Ponder our great ancestor whom we owe so much to

Relevant videos:

Additional Podcasts and Radio Shows: