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Lake Winnebago Water Walk 2022

The Brothertown Indian Nation-led walk honors water through ceremonial beliefs, water offerings, singing water songs, and making petitions for our water to be clean and pure. A Water Walk is not a protest or a performance. It is a time to reflect on how we can protect our waters. All are always welcome and needed in this 90-mile journey for the Water. Please join us to walk, to drive, to provide water or food, to share your knowledge, and to offer prayers and good thoughts for the Water. We want to thank all who support this effort around the lake, in the towns fellow tribes as well as individuals waiting along the way.

When we pass the water and the Eagle Staff, we must keep moving forward always. And we say to each other “We do this for the water” The water must always be in front of the Eagle Staff.

Special thanks to Raven De for providing the photos. To all members, please feel free to forward your photos for any event to