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Samson Occom Day 2023

This event has ended

We have reached a milestone this year. The Brothertown Indian Nation is commemorating the 300th anniversary of Samson Occom’s Birth Year.  While the exact day is not known, this is the reason, it will be celebrated by the entire tribe for the rest of the year and culminating in the Trip back to our Ancestral lands in October and spending time with our parent tribes. 

Friday, June 14th, 2023 makes the tricentennial celebration that we Brothertown will spend a moment to remember what his vision has become over the past 300 years and what we all can do to support the tribe (in any way, large or small) through our continued efforts in restoring our Tribe its original design as a sovereign Nation, living a Christian based community.

The two most vital holidays of our tribe is Samson Occom Day (July 14th) and Eeyawquittoowauconnuck Day (Brothertown day, November 7th) the day Occom recorded in his journal as the date of the formal founding of our “body politick”.

A few links to read in celebration of our great ancestor whom we owe so much to