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Covid 19 has brought to the forefront the opportunity to build our financial resiliency by diversifying and growing our revenue sources. In 2020, thanks to our Council and leaders among our membership, our tribe has been successful in accumulating revenue through individual donations. These donations have been essential in paying our bills and providing essential services during the time that our primary economic activities: community events, store, kitchen, and Bingo, have been inoperable. Our Nation’s current finances primarily consist of restricted funds and Bingo revenue. We therefore recognize a growing need for unrestricted funds to supplement our essential services and expenses in trying times as well as advance strategic initiatives that advance the legacy of our people.

The Brothertown Indian Nation is carrying out a multi month campaign focused on growing a Legacy FundLegacy Fund investments will ensure that our finances reflect the resilience of our people. As such, Legacy Funds may be used to navigate situations like Covid 19. Beyond this Crisis, Legacy Funds will continue to grow and can be strategically invested in our Nation’s priorities, such as our restoration effort. 

To Donate, Visit our Support the Tribe page

For more information Contact our Fundraising Committee Chair, Erin Farris-Olsen. Consider attending an upcoming Legacy Fund Vitural Event. Past Event recordings will also be archived here for your reference.