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Month: January 2023

Congratulations to Rebecca Pelky, again…

Rebecca Pelky, member of the Brothertown Indian Nation and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Clarkson University

Rebecca Pelky: Following her accolades and success of her 2021 book, “Through a Red Place” (winner of the Perugia Press Prize), this January, Clarkson’s Rebecca Pelky receives the National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship.

“The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to support this group of poets and provide them with the means to focus on their writing,” said the NEA’s Director of Literary Arts Amy Stolls. “Their poetry explodes with originality in form and content, offering powerful reflections on the pain and joy of our modern times.”

Learn more about Rebecca (who is a member of the Brothertown Indian Nation and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities) and her new endowment enabling her to continue her work – available here….

Additionally, in 2022 she helped create the language section of the new website Brothertown website / Language with the help of fellow Brothertown Tribal Member Robert Tryon – many thanks go to them from our members, striving to learn our native languages from this very detailed resource.


Please contact Jessica Ryan to help with this event! Lots of volunteers needed for many things and a cool way to help show the community we are here!

Voluteers needed!

Saturday, Febrary 18, 2023 (9:00am – 4:00pm)

This event will be held at the Fond du Lac Fairgrounds

CommUnity 2023 Fond du Lac Fairgrounds

Click here for more information on the event. The Brothertown Indian Nation is taking a large role – Contact Jessica Ryan to help…

Chairwoman Tousey Attends Governor Evers’ Swearing In

On Tuesday, January 3rd, Governor Evers was sworn in for his second term in office. Governor Evers continues to include the Brothertown Indian Nation as one of the 12 tribes in Wisconsin. Chairwoman Phyllis Tousey attended the ceremony.

L-R: First Lady Kathy Evers, Governor Evers, BIN Chairwoman Phyllis Tousey, and Lt. Governor Sara Rodriguez.