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Lake Winnebago Indigenous Walkers Honor our waters – Oshkosh Herald

Oshkosh Herald June 26, 2024

By Patti Lee Herald Contributor

Folks traveling on the lake between Oshkosh and Neenah on June 14th may have noticed some interesting people along the way.

That was the second day of the Brothertown Indian Nation Water Walk, an annual spiritual journey of walkers. Some traveling from as far as Minneapolis. Mother and son Jenny and Jayce Bender made that trek and spent a little time to talk about the sacred steps.

“We do this annually to give thanks to water and Mother Earth to show our appreciation and to protect her,” Jenny explained.

Since both women and water give life, women carry a traditional copper vessel that holds the nupi (water) and are keepers of the water. Walkers also carry inpawok (tobacco) to offer to any rivers or streams they cross and also honor animals along the roads or trails as they travel.

Before the walk begins, participants are smudged to clear negative energy and good thoughts. The water carriers are reverent, immersed in spiritual thoughts and saying prayers of gratitude to the water….

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