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New “Shape Note Singing” Playlist added to BIN Channel

Announcing new videos on the Brothertown Indian YouTube channel. Many tribal members people traveled to Connecticut in 2018 to our ancestral home for Shape Note Singing Trip.

Seth Wenger did production and editing and kindly allowed us to publish it to our channel.. There are an additional 6 videos added in the Shape Note Playlist, Including an event in California with Seth Wenger and Mark Baldwin.

The new playlist can be found here….

New Shape Note Videos on the Brothertown YouTube channel
New Shape Note Videos on the Brothertown YouTube channel

Colonialism and Its Impact on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples

“Colonialism and Its Impact on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples”

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 – 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Elisha D. Smith Public Library in Menasha, Wisconsin.

This discussion is appropriate for young adults and adults

Dr. Renee Gralewicz – Brothertown Elder, Peacemaker, and member of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force will be giving a presentation on “Colonialism and Its Impact on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples”


“While not all indigenous history is US history, all US history is indigenous history.  For too long indigenous peoples and nations have been defined and described by others. We are placed in the past, as defeated people.  Even when depicted in contemporary times, we’re placed in regalia, again reflecting, and projecting our past, seldom in the present.  This colonial representation affords most US Americans to ignore our present successes and the continued violence enacted upon us. We have become invisible.  This presentation is meant to inform you about some of the tragic effects of colonialism.”

Tribal Election May 21, 2022 request: “Meet the Candidate Video”

With the Brothertown Indian Nation’s 2022 elections in under a moth. We wanted to remind everyone that on April 3, 2022, a “meet the candidates” event was held. Candidates answered questions, explained their platforms, and goals should they be elected or reelected for the coming term.

Members of the Brothertown tribe may request a link to view this recording by contacting

Additionally, you can download the 2022 voters’ guide here…

Oneida Nation and Brothertown Nation cultural exchange announced

The Brothertown Indian Nation is excited to announce that our relationship with our cousins, the Oneida Nation, is once again being reaffirmed through a cultural exchange of goods.

The Oneida Nation purchased a large private collection on behalf of the Brothertown Indian Nation’s behalf in 2010. It was our responsibility to repay the Oneida for this purchase, but because of our continual struggles as an unrecognized tribe, we have not been able to keep up with payments. Through the goodness of their hearts knowing this collection would help with our goals of restoration, as well as to strengthen our already solid relationship between tribal nations, the Oneida Nation has graciously decided to have a cultural exchange, much like we would have done pre-colonial times.

The Brothertown Indian Nation needs your help to raise funds to purchase cultural materials for this exchange. Materials include calico fabric and wampum to commemorate this historic exchange.

  • If you’d like to give, you can donate via PayPal
  • or mail your donation to: Brothertown Indian Nation c/o Michelle Wood PO Box 2206 Fond du Lac, WI 54935. Please indicate that your donation is related to the Oneida Cultural Exchange.

New videos added to the BIN Channel

The website committee is focused on routinely adding new content to Brothertown YouTube channel – currently the channel includes 24 videos.

Our goal is to feature the best content relating to Brothertown history, its ancestors, presentations, as well as the tribes’ current events.

Newest content includes “Joanna Brooks discussion of Samson Occom”, “The Brothertown Tribe in the 1980’s”, “Laura Murrays discussion on Joseph Johnson”, “Craig Cipolla’s Presentation on our Brothertown Cemeteries”, “Professor Glenda Goodman presents Early Native American Hymnody with focus on Joseph Johnson”, and several others.

Please support the Brothertown Indian Tribe today and subscribe. Click here to view

Current playlists now include:

  • Additional Education videos of the Brothertown Indians
  • Brothertown Indian Nation Homecoming 2021
  • Brothertown Indian Nation Videos
  • Education: History and Heritage of The Brothertown Indian Nation

Clyde Bellecourt, One of Original Founders of the American Indian Movement, Passes Away at 85

Clyde Bellecourt, one of the original founders of the American Indian Movement (AIM), passed away today due to complications with cancer, according to Lisa Bellanger, Co-Director of the American Indian Movement’s Grand Governing Council. His Ojibwe name is “Nee-gon-we-way-we-dun-“Thunder Before the Storm.” He was 85 years old.

Along with Dennis Banks, Eddie Benton-Benai, and George Mitchell, Clyde Bellecourt co-founded the American Indian Movement in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1968. In its beginning, the American Indian Movement aimed to address systemic issues of poverty, discrimination, and police brutality against urban American Indians.

Rebecca Pelky- Brothertown Indian Nation member releases her latest book

Earlier this year, the book was awarded the Perugia Press Prize. “Through a Red Place”, a story-in-poems that assembles her research into her Native and non-Native heritage in the land now known as Wisconsin.

“Through the poets’ ancestors – and documented through text and image – this book relates narratives of people who converged on and impacted this space in myriad ways. Written in English and Mohegan, “Through a Red Place” reshapes itself from page to page, asking what it means to navigate place as both colonizer and colonized. It builds a map between distances and lost stories to unearth and honor the past.”

Rebecca Pelky Author, Educator and member of the Brothertown Indian Nation