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New Article on Samson Occom and BIN hymn singing

Another fascinating article by Brad Dubos, a member of the board of Calumet and Cross, scholar, and a long-time friend of the Brothertown appeared in American Literature (Duke University Press).

Abstract: Brad’s article traces a long trajectory of hymnic placemaking within the Brothertown Indian Nation from the late eighteenth century to the present day. Since their tribe’s inception, Brothertown people have repurposed the forms and rituals of Christian hymnody in order to maintain connections to ancestral homelands, navigate and interpret unfamiliar terrain, and construct and shape tribal spaces. Samson Occom’s (Mohegan/Brothertown) A Choice Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs; Intended for the Edification of Sincere Christians, of all Denominations (1774) cultivated this distinctive mode of placemaking within the Native community that formed at Brothertown, New York

Thank you, Brad, To read the extensive article on American Literature click here…


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