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Samson Occom Day Celebration! – Zoom presentation on this Founder by Author Ryan Carr

This is a must attend event via Zoom for all Brothertown members and those interested in learning more about one of our founders Samson Occom. Author Ryan Carr has generously agreed to do a special talk on Occom in honor of Brothertown’s annual Samson Occom Day (Sunday, July 14). Ryan’s recent book, “Samson Occom, Radical Hospitality in the Native Northeast,” maintains that Occom’s writings were deeply rooted in Indigenous traditions of hospitality, diplomacy, and openness to strangers as well as Christian themes. By emphasizing the Native sources of Occom’s evangelicalism, Ryan Carr offers new ways to understand the relations of Northeast Native traditions to Christianity, colonialism, and Indigenous self-determination.

This is a fitting and informative way for members to honor Samson Occom Day and learn more about this revered Founder.

Please consider joining us this Sunday at 4 pm CT/ 5 pm ET/ 2 pm PT over Zoom (or telephone) to request Zoom login information, click here:

About Ryan Carr:
Ryan Carr (Yale, 2016) teaches Indigenous Studies at the center and classes on other topics in transatlantic cultural history. His current research focuses on the Native Northeast and on the intertwinement of settler colonialism with early ideas about secularism. His recent work appears in Critical Research on Religion, New England Quarterly, English Literary History, and other journals. His book on the Mohegan-Brothertown minister Samson Occom, is detailed below.

To learn more or order Ryan Carr’s new book on Amazon: “Samson Occom: Radical Hospitality in the Native Northeast“ (2023) click here to learn more…


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