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Honoring our Brothertown Veterans for over two centuries!

We thank them for their Service and sacrifice!

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Today, take a moment to thank the ones you know and also think of the many ancestors who have served this country.

The Brothertown Indian’s record of service began with the American Revolution and continued serving freedom for almost 250 years.  Many of our members have given their lives in service to our country while protecting the freedoms and ideals we hold dear.

Our tribe’s legacy of service extended not only in peacetime but to virtually every American military conflict including; American Revolution with the colonists (19), War of 1812 (1+), Civil war (122), WWI (many), WWII (many), Korea, Vietnam, Middle East (Desert Storm, Afghanistan) and in times of peace.

A few links to learn about our veterans:

Brothertown Veterans attending Homecoming 2014 (photo courtesy of Paul Werth)


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