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Brothertown Tricentennial Celebration Tour

2023 is the Tricentennial anniversary of Samson Occom’s birth

Possible options are being planned for this journey back in time, including visits to Mohegan, Narragansett, and Pequot. Plus a stop in Deansboro (Old Brothertown) NY.

This fascinating tour will follow and celebrate the route our ancestors took from New England to Wisconsin.

Specific details to follow.  For any questions or input feel free to contact

***Update for member planning purposes: we are currently considering leaving the weekend of October 6th and returning Sunday the 15th.  

With the travel time from Wisconsin to the East Coast and back taking up 4 days, the anticipated trip will be a total of 9-10 days.   Please contact via email above if interested as we would like to get a general count for planning purposes. 

Regarding hotels and meals – they are not included (price will include transportation only) however, we are working on securing discounts for the group.

A once in a lifetime trip with the Brothertown Indian Nation Family to celebrate Samson Occom!

Samson Occom (1723-2023)


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