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The Tribe cannot fail this challenge, read more…

This update involves Dawn (during her busy daily duties) and the bottle challenge that she is spearheading for needed funds for the new cultural center to open. This is urgent as it has a deadline of July 15th.

So, let’s hear Dawn talk more about it:

“The nation has been put to a test. I had a gentleman stop by the office to spend some time with me, going over his family line, looking at the museum, etc. He asked about learning more about the Bottle Challenge and then made another challenge on top of that!

His challenge is from July 1 ending on July 15, then he will match all donations up to $1,500.00! (please be sure note in the comments section for the “Bottle drive for the Cultural Center”). (click here to donate)

Remember, I put a challenge out there to fill any bottle with change last month, then cash it in and send a check, money order or pay on pay-pal. My goal is $5,000; this will help with the few items that need to be fixed at our new Culture Center before we can do an Open House. SO, the challenge is on, we need your donations in the office from July 1st to July 15th.

Watch out Mr. Matthews!”

To donate and support this “should not fail” challenge – Click here….

Let’s all answer the call! I for one just sent my $100 donation on the above link – to this worthy cause which Dawn has worked so hard on… we simply can’t miss losing this generous additional support!


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