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Brothertown Large Calumet Cross with 22-inch Chain (Sterling Silver)



Large Brothertown Calument Crosss (Sterling Silver) – With 22-inch Chain $119

The Original Calumet Cross is back!

This page is for ordering the Calument Cross ((usually or adult men or externally worn by any member male or female):

**This is the original Calumet cross originally designed by Rudi Ottery in the 1980’s produced by local Jeweler from mold.

Other options – use the links to order them on their own page:

Large Brothertown Cross with 22-inch chain: $75

Small Brothertown Calumet Cross (Sterling Silver) $60

Small Brothertown Calumet Cross with 18-inch adjustable Chain (Serling Silver) $90

Small Pin (Sterling Silver) $60

Size comparison of different options: 




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