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The Brothertown Calumet Cross is now in stock only on the Brothertown store!

A local Jeweler has expertly remade the molds of the original Cross and is now available for order on the Brothertown Indian Nation Store. All options are in the original sterling silver design.

  • There are a variety of Choices:
    • Small Calumet Cross (with and without 18-inch adjustable chain – Sterling Silver) – Traditionally for Women and youth
    • Large Calumet Cross (with or without 22-inch Chain- Sterling Silver) – unisex, usually men and women wearing on the outside.
    • New this time around – The Calumet Cross Pin (Sterling Silver)

**This is the original Calumet Cross © originally designed by Rudi Ottery in the 1980’s

View each of the options and pricing in more detail using the links below.  Use the appropriate product page for the desired Calumet Cross on our store (all in Sterling Silver):


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