February Meeting Available Online!

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Current Events

2/16/19  CommUNITY-United for Diversity Celebration

              Set up time 9:30, Flag Ceremony 11:00, help needed with set up, serving, craft sales (Contact Michelle Wood or Jessica Ryan if you want to help) 

2/17/19  General Membership Meeting (10:00a)

3/16/19  General Membership Meeting (10:00a)

4/6/19  3rd Annual Spring Powwow (volunteers needed)

4/7/19 Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a - Date changed since many will be in town for Powwow)

4/27/19  Minnesota Meeting

5/18/19  Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a)

5/18/19  Elections

6/13/19 - 6/19  Lake Winnebago Water Walk 

6/15/19  Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a)

6/15/19  Brothertown Nation Incorporated,  Annual Meeting

7/20/19  Picnic

7/20/19  Eeyamquittoowauconnuck Walk Across America

7/21/19  Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a)

8/17/19  General Membership Meeting (10:00a)

9/21/19  Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a)

10/19/19  Homecoming

10/20/19  Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a.)

11/16/19  Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a)

12/14/19  Tribal Council Meeting (10:00a); Holiday Potluck


Committees are always looking for volunteers:

Genealogist and Veterans currently don't have anyone in charge.

Volunteer Opportunities

*Kitchen & Sales help needed (Contact Dawn)



  • Check out a video of shape note singers rehearsing a Thomas Commuck hymnal prior to Homecoming!
  • Missed Patty Loew's discussion of Native Veterans of WWI and WWII?  Click here for her  Way of the Warrior documentary!
  • Volunteer for the Brothertown Highway Clean-up.  Volunteers always needed!  Contact Jeremy Marx
  • Plus, there are countless Bingo, Crafts, and Grant activities.   Need more  info? Click here!
  • Veterans - update your info here!
  • Need a Brothertown ID card --Go here or click here!
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The incredible Brothertown Indian Nation Information Infrastructure and Technology Upgrade Program (BIITUP).  Interested? Contact Dawn Kraintz here.

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